We build your portfolio

Strategy Development

We tailor a portfolio for you that is optimised in terms of risk-return, energy type and region. Our experts continuously monitor international markets for project opportunities. Re:cap examines renewable energy investments for the use of new technologies, assesses the attractiveness of a location and analyses the technical details of the installed components. Furthermore, we review and optimise the composition of your portfolio on a regular basis.

We optimise your return

Due Diligence

We assist you in the financial, technical and legal due diligence processes. Our experienced team of specialists examines all the relevant documentation for the project, selects suitable experts and prepares reports and recommendations aimed at optimising the return on your investment. Our financial model is continuously updated, reviewed and validated by auditors. 

We finance your project

Project Finance

We assist you obtain financing for your project by selecting the right bank. re:cap supports you as a reliable advisor every step of the way in the financing process. We also support you in the implementation of your project and, if required, raise bridge financing through our first-class access to investors.

We support you during the transaction process


We provide you with professional support at all stages of the transaction process, from negotiations on the purchase price through the letter of intent all the way to the share purchase agreement. re:cap negotiates the terms for you until closing and manages the pay-out. The results of our due diligences are considered in every agreement.

We maximize your profit

Sell-Side Advisory

We measure the profitability of your assets from an investor’s perspective and maximize the price of your project. We approach investors with a project teaser and then select the most suitable candidates. We also support you throughout the sales process and provide assistance during the negotiations.

We identify investments opportunities for you

Project Sourcing

We identify and select the most appropriate investment opportunities based on your requirements. We perform a detailed financial, legal and technical due diligence. We will stand by your side and assist you in all further steps of the transaction.

Based on your requirements

We develop a portfolio strategy

We tailor optimised portfolios that perfectly meet your requirements. Therefore, re:cap develops a strategy that takes the risk/return profile, energy type and region into account. 


Christian Gradel

“As income sources that do not depend on the financial markets, renewable energy investments play an important role in the diversification of a portfolio. We build a portfolio for our clients that is based on their particular needs and advise them on the best entry and exit opportunities.”

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We have found re:cap to be a reliable project partner that has been able to use its considerable financial and technical expertise to bring negotiations to a successful conclusion.
Henning Hoffrogge
Finance Expert
Die Sparkasse Bremen AG
We are very satisfied with quality of re:cap’s asset selection process. The professionally managed transactions are vital for the fund, as they rapidly generate a steady cash flow.
Ulrich Binninger
Director of the fund
FP Lux Investments
The contract negotiations with re:cap were quick and focused. Not only did the availability of the investment capital play a key role, so too did re:cap’s outstanding reputation as an experienced investor with lean approval processes.
Peter Sczabo
Energiekontor AG
re:cap leaves nothing to chance when it comes to acquiring projects for its clients. By this, legal risks are properly taken into account within the transaction process.
Dr. Isabella Niklas
Legal Advisor
Osborne Clarke