re:cap is your investment advisor
for renewable energies

Team spirit and a passion for quality

The founding idea of re:cap was based on the belief in the energy transition through renewable energies. We saw the urgent need and opportunity to turn the pioneering achievements of the sector into a serious, scalable investment, creating a highly attractive new asset class.

The idea behind re:cap was to ensure high-return and at the same time secure investments through diversification and an optimum risk mix. Accordingly, from the beginning the clear focus of the fund concept was to build up qualified portfolios in renewable energies, tailored to our clients’ requirements and optimised in terms of project size, region and technologies.

re:cap global investors matches renewables with capital, with the blue logo creating a visual cycle that underscores the link. The global investors addendum expresses the international context in which re:cap operates for its clients.

Our approach to offer a comprehensive range of transaction and asset management services has proven over the course of the company’s development to be a winning formula.

The quality and reliability of our work, paired with our client focus, has earned us a high level of trust on the part of investors. This is especially important when it comes to jointly realising long-term projects.

“I hope that as re:cap continues to grow, the company is able to retain its unique team spirit and passion for quality. This combination is the driver for optimum performance, which, in turn, earns the appreciation of our clients.” Tobias Klein, co-founder of re:cap.


  • Founding idea for re:cap
  • Founding of re:cap
  • Establishment of solar infrastructure
  • Establishment of wind infrastructure
  • Acquisition of 1st wind farm
  • First pure transaction advisory with family office
  • Purchase of the largest wind farm in the portfolio to date (45.1 MW)
  • Condition RE Infrastructure Opportunities
  • Purchase of the largest solar park in the portfolio to date (68.87 MW)
  • Launch of a managed account for German insurance company
  • Direct investment for German insurance company
  • Purchase of first battery storage project.

The re:cap team

Working together for renewables

We are a young, dynamic team dedicated to the renewable energy sector. We bring different experiences and qualifications to the team, enabling us to pool a broad spectrum of professional expertise “in house”. Cultural experiences from different countries and continents also enrich our team on every project.

If you would like to get to know us better, take a look at our team and careers page.


Highlights from the past years

With the “Köching” transaction in 2010, a 6 MWp solar farm in Bavaria, we oversaw the first investment for the “FP Lux Investment SICAV-SIF – Solar Sub-fund”, which is under our management. The farm is still managed by our Asset Management, as well as  further 771 MWp of solar and 363 MW of wind farms in seven European countries.


Vision needs a mission

At re:cap, the mission is built on a catalogue of values

No global movement is the work of individuals alone. It requires a whole team, standing together behind a worthwhile cause. Together we work hard, laugh a lot, continuously brainstorm new ideas and as a team make everything possible. Our jointly developed values describe who we are, what we stand for and what we do.

Our values

  • Acting autonomously
  • Acting sustainably
  • Valuing people and performance

Our partners

We also rely on teamwork with external partners