Achieving more

Exploiting the full potential of solar and wind power

Are you in the business of project development and looking for the proverbial “firm hand”? Let us accompany you on this journey and help you place your idea or project on the market, bring together compatible partners to make it happen and finally get the right investors on board to bring the project to successful closure.

We would be happy to support you from the project inception through to realisation.

Project acquisition

Are you looking to sell your project? Let us convince you with an attractive and marketable offer. We are especially interested in “renewables” projects that by and large are ready for roll-out.

Your project is still at the drawing board stage? Here again, we are happy to assist you with our expertise and let you know whether we think you’re onto a winner.

Transaction advisory

Do you need support with selling project rights in the market? Or is your portfolio close to completion and you are wondering what is the most profitable way forward?

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can assist you here, too – from a sensitive market approach to optimised due diligence processes, from an analysis of your profitability calculations through to technical support.

And what we don’t cover ourselves our extensive network does – so you receive all-round advice guaranteed from a single source.

Market intelligence

Hand on heart – sometimes all you are missing is that last ounce of confidence that’s stopping you from taking your project to market. This gives rise to such questions as: “Have I made the right assumptions regarding leases?” “Have I factored in the amount of the dismantling guarantee correctly?” or “Have I taken electricity price developments sufficiently into account or would it perhaps be better to conclude a PPA?”

Our specialists draw on a wealth of information and their own market expertise to quickly provide you with the reassurance you need to answer such questions as and when they arise.


Last but not least: why not go the whole journey together and pool your and our market intelligence to the mutual benefit of both sides? Let’s discover whether we are a good match on the personal as well as the professional level.

We live and breathe our values (link) with a high degree of sustainability (link). And we’re sure of one thing: if we find that we’re both on the same page, there’s no limit to what our joint projects might set in motion!

Sustainability from the get-go

For us, ESG is not just a fashionable phrase, but lived reality. We strongly believe that in the future sustainability considerations will play an important role in business decisions.

This starts with the development phase. We welcome recent developments in the field of agri-photovoltaics, for example, which aim to combine the interests of food production and energy generation.

Similarly promising for the future is the combination of different energy technologies for a holistic, reliable energy supply – for example in the form of renewables farms producing hydropower – or the ecological integration of flora and fauna in solar and wind projects, which for us is already a matter of course today.

We look forward to your ideas and contributions regarding this core 21st century topic.