re:cap is your investment advisor
for renewable energies

The bright minds in our management

Bild Christian Gradel

Christian Gradel

A team that keeps you young with heart, head and humour!
Bild Thomas Seibel

Thomas Seibel

We calculate the product “Renewable Energies for Institutional Investors” from the multipliers competence and personality. I’m pleased that through our joint efforts we all contribute to making the result a little better every day.
Bild Thomas Staudinger

Thomas Staudinger

We hear a lot about “lived values”. We, too, live and breathe values. But for us this translates especially as listening to our clients and colleagues.

The team behind re:cap

Bild Mate Barabas

Máté Barabás

Investment Director
What drives me is the capacity to develop new ideas and regularly challenge preconceptions.
Bild Cinzia Battaglia

Cinzia Battaglia

Senior Sustainability Manager
An enabling environment for implementing your own ideas, the high priority given to personal development and the familiar atmosphere are a good basis for enjoying what you do.
Sebastian Bexten

Sebastian Bexten

Senior Investment Manager
The energy transition in our country is also being followed with great interest internationally. It’s great to be a part of it.
Bild Daniela Beyer

Daniela Beyer

Senior Investment Manager
We are convinced and enthusiastic champions of renewable energies. Through our long-term asset management, we contribute to a sustainable energy supply.
Bild Elisabeth Beyer

Elisabeth Beyer

Senior Investment Manager (CoE - Technic)
The future belongs to renewable energies and I’m proud to be shaping the energy transition as part of the re:cap team.
Bild Sabrina Eilhardt

Sabrina Eilhardt

Office Manager
re:cap has changed my life for the better and I feel grateful and privileged to be part of the re:cap family.
Frank Falkenhof

Frank Falkenhof

Managing Director Project Development
We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we fail to do. We accept our responsibility when it comes to successfully shaping the energy transition. Responsibility towards society and the community, team spirit and professionalism characterise our day-to-day business activities.
Bild Claudia Glaroudis

Claudia Glaroudis

HR / Accounting
Good work conditions, with personal commitment and excellent training opportunities. Automation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence are just some of the topics that already accompany our day-to-day work.
Bild Nathalie Gruen

Nathalie Grün

Senior Investment Manager (CoE - Technic)
Motivation, team spirit and competence – the ingredients of re:cap’s success.
Bild Nils Hammon

Nils Hammon

Managing Director
A highly professional team of engineers, technicians, legal experts and business economists who complement external advisors on all commercial, technical and legal issues.
Bild Maximilian Kauschke

Maximilian Kauschke

Senior Investment Manager
We at re:cap are characterised by optimised technological processes, the use of intelligent technology, as well as innovative and future-oriented action.
Bild Adrian Kuc

Adrian Kuc

Investment Analyst
The work climate, the friendly environment and the many interesting tasks make working here a pleasure every day. Personal initiative is recognised and you are given a lot of responsibility from day one.
Bild Tobias Lauckner

Tobias Lauckner

Investment Director
In light of the increased impact of global warming, the speedy implementation of a sustainable energy transition is indispensable. I am looking forward to actively shaping and driving this forward as part of the re:cap team.
Benedikt Luh

Benedikt Luh

Investment Manager
To work hard for something we don’t care about equates to stress. To work hard for something we love equates to passion, and I’m glad to be living this as part of the re:cap team.
Bild Sven Orbach

Sven Orbach

Investment Director
The energy transition is one of the biggest challenges of our time and a decisive factor for Europe as an economic area.
Julian Pflueger

Julien Pflüger

Investment Analyst
re:cap provides its team with an open and professional working environment, where there is always plenty of room for personal development, company events and an ample portion of humour.
Bild Adrain Renfer

Adrian Renfer

Senior Investment Manager
At re:cap the mission is spot on: A sustainable energy supply from renewable sources for our own and the next generations! re:cap brings together clever and creative “renewables artists” under one roof, who advance the mission with their expertise and drive. I am proud to be able to expand re:cap’s knowledge pool with my expertise in energy markets and electricity trading and to be part of this mission.
Bild Michael Renner

Michael Renner

Investment Director (CoE - Technic)
Each generated kWh counts towards the energy transition. This is what drives us.
Bild Christoph Rouleaux

Christoph Rouleaux

Investment Director
At re:cap, sustainability not only relates to the generation of green electricity, but also to a personal and intensive exchange with our business partners and fair, respectful and long-lasting cooperation!
Bild Linus Scherrer

Linus Scherrer

Senior Investment Manager
Contributing to the transformation of our (energy) society is a source of pride and joy – especially in this team.
Bild Pawan Sharma

Pawan Sharma

Investment Director
Climate change may not enjoy the same level of awareness or attention as COVID, but every day in the renewables industry and every project at re:cap brings us one step closer to mastering this challenge.
Bild Anja Spannaus

Anja Spannaus

Managing Director
re:cap for me is team spirit with which we work to ensure quality and success.

Michael Sudhaus

Senior Investment Manager
True to the motto: "Energy transition? - Just do it now!", we develop our own projects and can take into account many years of operator experience.
Bild Jeannine Zips

Jeannine Zips

T.E.A.M. – together, everyone, achieves, more.


Feelgood Manager
I am one of the most senior in the office and always take a roll-call of all colleagues in the office. The way this works is that I run into the room and straight back out again. I’ve made new friends through my work at re:cap. There’s one in particular that I wait for each morning. He shares his breakfast with me and the other day even gave me a toy.


Happiness Manager
My colleagues welcomed me warmly from day one and have always treated me without prejudice. Sometimes when I’m sleeping deeply with my head on the floor next to my basket, my colleagues are kind enough to make a pillow for me. My job as bag and waste bin inspector has gone down extremely well. In the meantime, everyone has become accustomed to it and lets me rummage in peace.

The “re:cap” Spirit

TEAM SPIRIT is a BIG thing with us. Our corporate success is based on cohesion, cooperation and creativity. This is what defines our team spirit and enables us to collectively manage the complexity of our tasks, our joint growth and the challenges of the sector in an agile manner. Every member of the team, no matter what their position, contributes to the whole and is important for the result. We can only accomplish the task on hand together and not as lone wolves! This close interaction within the re:cap team comes from assuming personal responsibility and enjoying what we do.