Success seldom comes alone!

Our network makes us strong

FIRST PRIVATE is an independent investment boutique in the financial market in the areas of equities and absolute return mandates, a role it has fulfilled for more than 25 years. The internationally experienced team of portfolio managers, analysts and client services professionals guarantee long-term investment success and transparent investment processes.

FIRST PRIVATE was the initiator of re:cap and is still the gateway to institutional investors looking to invest in renewable energies. As one of the first owner-led asset management firms licensed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), First Private is the “strong partner” with whom we design products for our clients and respond to market trends.

This makes our clients “repeat investors” in FP Lux investment products for renewable energies.

Offering customised solutions for institutional investors demands an experienced and highly specialised partner with a mastery of all the ins and outs of the financial industry and regulatory environment.

This partner is BKN Capital which, as an authorised Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), is specialised in operating fund platforms for illiquid and complex assets with a particular expertise in (credit) risk management, internal ratings and valuation models. The team of seasoned experts, who all held senior roles in banks and asset management firms, add significant value to every facet of operations.

This allows us to guarantee selection of the optimum financial vehicle for our institutional clients’ investments in infrastructure assets. These can either be customised or a turnkey set-up, but in either case fully comply with the clients’ regulatory, reporting and transparency requirements.

Sustainable high-return investments in renewable energies require a high degree of technical expertise in the respective technologies. With the joint venture 4:energy, two established companies in the field of renewable energies have joined forces with the aim to establish technical management for photovoltaic systems.

The joint venture combines the experience of project developer and wind operator 4 initia GmbH with re:cap’s ten years-plus competence as an asset manager.

With its team of service technicians, engineers and experts, 4:energy assures long-term technical operation and thus provides the foundation for successful investments.

With the addition of this new area of expertise, re:cap is expanding the network for stable, long-term and extremely competitive projects!

Strong network

Our ear to the market through networking and involvement in associations

As an expert organisation, we rely on an active exchange within the sector. We are involved in sector associations and in various networks, and take advantage of events to conduct personal talks, which in many cases lead to the development of new ideas for projects and concepts.

This brings us together with other companies when developing new products and solution strategies and ensures we have our finger on the “pulse of the times” and can leverage this to advance our services.

This is also how we position ourselves in the market and demonstrate the needs and ideas that help us to find the right partners.